Charles was born in Lagos Nigeria. He achieved his diploma in architecture, and a masters degree in urban design at the Oxford Brookes University, followed by work experience in various architectural practises in London, Paris and Zürich.

Charles was juniour faculty member at the renowned Swiss Federal Polytechnic (ETH) in zürich for many years, and was appointed professor of architectural design theory at the Berne University of Applied Sciences in 2008, where he continues to teach part time. Working in the fields of architecture, interior design, product, furniture and lighting design his studio considers architecture in its variety of scales. A constant quest for simple innovation is the common thread through its wide repertoire of projects.

Like all children of Africa of a certain generation, Charles would collect discarded objects, and re-assemble them into semblances of toys. This spirit of improvisation, «making do» with what was readily at hand, led to “simple objects”. His products are of necessity minimalistic, accessible and easy to comprehend because of their playful, childlike logic. From improvised childplay with little resources, emerged a passion for simple resourceful products.

Unlike many designers, he doesn’t work to a specific brief from or with a specific producer but thrives on the will to set his own creative agenda by first designing and then seeking out a producer and partner to hopefully market a specific idea. Therefore, to generate new ideas, charles regularly participates in international design competitions. An open competition on a given topic is often the right incentive to trigger creative curiosity. 

Charles has served on many international design juries including: IF, Design Turkey, D&AD Awards, SIT Furniture Design Award, World Architecture Festival, Trinity buoy Wharf Drawing Prize to name a few.

Charles has taken part in, and won numerous international competitions. His iconic plywood armchair SKETCH is in the permanent collection of Vitra Design Museum.