The elegant Flip Desk is a fold-away workstation that is very suitable for home working and flexi-working.

It is an eye-catcher in any interior that takes up surprisingly little space.The Flip Desk combines a practical storage compartment (which can accommodate items such as a laptop, magazines, or writing utensils) with a small worktop and is easily mounted on the wall.

To use the worktop, the front can be flipped down supported by a specially designed wooden hinge.The hinge is inspired by that of a laptop, leaving the entire work surface free for working. Thus, the Flip Desk retains its minimalist appearance.

After use, the worktop can be folded back up and stays in place by a strong magnet. The top covers the storage compartment, thus ensuring a tidy feeling.

The Flip Desk was launched during Dutch Design Week 2022 i

It is available in a pink, white and green variant.